Save up to 30% on Breading Costs

Custom Breading & Blends

We are a manufacturer and distributor of high quality chicken and fish breading as well as custom blends, specialty blends and more!

Would you like to save up to 30% on your custom breading costs?

Custom Blending, Duplication & Private Labeling

Our custom blending capabilities make us an excellent partner to include in your business strategy. We use our extensive knowledge to work with you in creating a flavor profile of your choice and produce a custom blend at a cost savings of up to 30%! Whether we create the custom flavor for you or use your unique formula, our years of experience are priceless. We work with customers of all sizes, including chain and franchise customers.

Colonel Jim’s Breading, Co.

P.O. Box 575
Henderson, KY 42419

(270) 826-2768

Fax: (270) 826-9262

Colonel Jim’s Breading Company is strictly wholesale. We distribute to the lower 48 United States and Internationally.

If you have international distribution inquires, click here.

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